The Perfect Health Care Niche


By staffing AllBetterCare with experienced emergency medicine and family practice specialty trained, board certified physicians, we can handle a wide spectrum of medical conditions that overlap with office based as well as emergency department care. Primary care is essential for monitoring and treatment of chronic conditions, maintaining wellness and modifying risk factors. But access to illness or injury evaluation / treatment is limited, and in most cases by appointment only… at a time convenient to them, not to you. And many conditions are just too acute for management in a primary care office settings.

Although our physician manager team is Emergency Medicine trained; we are NOT an emergency department and are not equipped to handle severe medical emergencies. Please use judgement in choosing AllBetterCare for appropriate medical conditions and symptoms.

What is a Retail Clinic?

Retail clinics are staffed by Nurse Practitioners or Physician Assistants without a licensed physician on site. They are designed to treat minor self-diagnosed symptoms. The closest regional retail clinics list their visit cost at $79-$89. This is only a few dollars less expensive than services provided at AllBetterCare. Lower level, non-physician treatment for nearly the same cost as urgent care services makes little sense for most patients.