Pre-Employment Drug Testing

AllBetterCare providers pre-employment drug testing at our locations in Carlisle, Mechanicsburg and Harrisburg. Available testing includes urine drug screens, hairs testing for drugs and breath alcohol testing. 

Custom tailored packages of services are available to meet both large and small employers needs. Our Occupational Medicine Coordinator can assist you in setting up the services that your business needs for pre-employment testing and periodic monitoring for illicit drug use in your workplace. We provide urine drug screens - bother instant tests and send-out laboratory based drug tests. Hari testing is used to detect previous illicit drug use for a period 90 days prior to the test. We also provide breath alcohol testing. Specific urine screen tests can be set up for both DOT and non-COT requirements. 

Pre-employment drug testing can be a frustrating process for employers to implement and manage. AllBetterCare is the perfect resource that your business needs in establishing and maintaining a drug free workplace. 

Contact our Occupational Medicine Coordinator to get your business started on the path to a drug free workplace.