Laceration Care

Laceration Care in Mechanicsburg, Harrisburg and Carlisle

An open wound, laceration or deep cut caused by an accident, animal bite or work injury needs immediate medical evaluation. These injuries frequently involve just a cut to the skin but also have potential to involve damage to deeper tissue including tendons, muscles, blood vessels, nerves and joints. Deeper wounds require immediate skilled medical evaluation to assess for deep structure involvement, need for specialty evaluation and to minimize bleeding and scarring.

Many people aren’t sure whether they should rush to an emergency room or a laceration care center like AllBetterCare to treat such injuries. Use common sense and call 911 or go to a hospital emergency room for severe lacerations causing uncontrolled bleeding, deep penetrating injuries or obvious bone and joint involvement.

What to Do Now!

The first immediate home treatment that you should do is to apply firm direct pressure over the wound with a clean cloth or sterile bandage to control bleeding. If the laceration is too severe to stop the bleeding with direct pressure or you see blood pulsing from an arterial injury, immediate medical attention is required and you should call 911 or go to a hospital emergency department for treatment.

Why Choose AllBetterCare for Wound Treatment?

AllBetterCare employs skilled, experienced residency trained, board-certified physicians to deal with a broad spectrum of injuries and illnesses. Our efficient treatment processes will get you in front of a medical provider to assess your injury far faster than going to a hospital or to your family doctors office. ABC is the best choice for laceration care in Mechanicsburg, Carlisle, Harrisburg and throughout Central PA. Trust us with your care but use common sense in choosing the right place to seek wound care treatment.

ABC is an urgent care center and not an emergency department, which means we’re not equipped to handle severe medical emergencies. You should go immediately to the ER for severe wounds that jeopardize life or limb. But for non-life-threatening wounds, let AllBetterCare wound treatment center of choice. You’ll receive fast, efficient and thorough care. Our friendly smiles and warm bedside manner are always free!