The ABC Difference


Staffed by Board Certified Primary Care and Emergency Physicians

Decades of experience in the evaluation and treatment of a broad spectrum of acute illness and injury. More importantly… just great common sense experience in the approach to all medical conditions. AllBetterCare is the only Urgent Care center in Central PA staffed with similarly trained physician specialists. We can handle all age groups, and have extensive experience and training in injury evaluation and management including orthopedic injuries and lacerations. No medical facility outside of hospital emergency departments have similarly trained physicians.

Efficient Delivery of Urgent Care Treatment

The physician management team of AllBetterCare has taken the process efficiencies that they were successful with in their prior Emergency Medicine Practice and translated it into the Urgent Care setting. All aspects of our treatment process is focused on early provider encounter, coordination of care within the local health care community, and rapid discharge. Open and honest communication with our patients is one of the hallmarks of our practice.

You may encounter multiple providers on your visit. Our team approach places the most appropriate clinical provider in the right place at the right time to speed your visit and get you back to feeling AllBetter as soon as possible.